Want to reach your goals?


I offer online and onsite distance running coaching for all levels and all ages.The following steps are taken to ensure your success.
1.Assesment of your current condition through a time trial on track or flat surface. The results combined with your info sheet will guide us in the right direction.
2.Discussion of your goals. Is the goal or goals reasonable given the time frame and or current condition level ?
3.What is needed to achieve the goal ? Where and when will the work be done ?
4. Do the work.
5. Evaulation: Weekly evaluation. Adaptability is a must.

Why you will succeed ?

1. Accurate assesment of your current level of condition.
2. Workouts are doable. Successful completion of workouts increases capacity to run faster and positive thoughts build positive performances.
3. Less injuries. Workouts performed at proper paces. Stress is needed to improve but over training can be reduced by running workouts at smart paces.  
4.Positive reinforcement from me.  

Athletes that I  have coached and our advised over the past 2 years.

Jessica Destito. PR'S 5K : 18:22, Half Marathon: 1:25:19   I coached Jessica from Oct. 2009 to March 2011 . 
Stephen Morgan:  Provided Steve with some specific workouts aimed at his desire to run sub 16:00 for the 5k.  Steve achieved this goal at the Carlsbad 5000 in April 2011.
Dave Peterson:  Testimonial on Success page.
Melissa Roche: 1st Female Finisher from Nevada at 2009 and 2010 Las Vegas Marathon. Testimonial on Success page. 
Ken Whitehair
Angela Whitehair: Ran Boston marathon qualifying time  of 3:42 in her first marathon under my guidance. 
Dan Widdis
Dominique Bosa-Edwards
Wyatt Ihmels
Kayla Landau
Jennifer Lee:  Coached Jennifer over 10 weeks leading up to her PR at the Las Vegas Marathon 3:29   
Led the Red Rock Running Company Marathon Training program in 2010. 
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